Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club lottery

Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club Launch a Lottery

Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club are the latest club to launch a Sports Club Lottery. With its uncapped and regular income, the Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club Lottery will help make vital improvements to the club, and fund the investment in updated equipment.

The West-Yorkshire-based club decided to launch their very own lottery as they hoped to provide a regular income stream, alongside the funds they raise from their own players. The lottery profits are to be used to improve and update the club’s facilities.

The Sports Club Lottery spoke to the Club Director, Martin Wildsmith, to find out more about the club, and their new lottery.

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Q&A with Club Director Martin Wildsmith

Where will the lottery profits go?

All profits from our lottery will be reinvested in the club, and go towards club improvements and replacing/upgrading equipment.

What’s the aim of the Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club lottery?

The aim of our lottery is to provide a regular and reliable income source, other than the one directly from the players. This income we can use to improve and update our club’s facilities. 

What makes Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club special?

We’re a strong community club with two beautiful grounds and a good squad of players. We’ve worked hard to improve our facilities and standards despite adverse problems including flooding in 2015 that nearly forced the club to fold. This lottery will be launched in our 10th season since we merged two clubs together. 

How would supporters directly help the club if they played your lottery?

If our supporters signed up to play just one lottery line per week, it’d pay for one senior match ball or two junior balls. If they played two lines a week it would helps us purchase a complete junior cricket set, comprising bat, pads and gloves. Playing three lines a week would help us raise the funds to purchase a brand new rebound net for both juniors and seniors to practice their catching. 

Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club lotteryTong Park Esholt Cricket Club lottery

Cricket Club Lotteries

Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club are now hoping to raise uncapped and reliable funds with a Sports Club Lottery. All the lottery prizes are paid out by the External lottery administrators, Prize Provision Services, who also take care of the admin and details of all the lottery players. This gives Tong Park Esholt Cricket Club the free time to promote their lottery, and raise important funds to fulfil their mission.

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