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Why a lottery is good for fundraising


Why a lottery is good for fundraising Fundraising can be a real headache. There’s paperwork, planning, deciding what method to use. Then there’s the monetary outlay of fundraising, whether it’s the hiring of a space, prizes for a raffle, promotional costs, etc. And after all of that you still have no real idea

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Start a Football Club Lottery


Start a Football Club Lottery Finding funds to develop a football team is an uphill struggle. This is why many teams have now launched their very own football club lottery. Unless your club is owned by a media mogul, Russian billionaire or Middle Eastern consortium, football is an expensive business. There's

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Nottinghamshire FA Partnership


Nottinghamshire FA / Sports Club Lottery Press Release Sports Club Lottery is delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with the Nottinghamshire FA. The partnership will enable clubs across the region to raise money directly from a lottery. Sports Club Lottery already helps hundreds of sports clubs and organisations across the country to

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