Effective fundraising with the Sports Club Lottery

The Sports Club Lottery is a unique fundraising method that can make a huge difference to your club’s fundraising efforts. Your supporters can help support your club from just £1 a week and gives them the opportunity to win £25,000 every single week!

With just 50 entries per week your lottery could earn your club over £1,000 a year. These funds can be spent however your club chooses; new kit, new equipment, facility costs, anything your club needs.

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No Fees!

We don’t charge any registration fees, marketing fees, administration fees or anything else! This means you can start making money from day one.

Sustainable Income

Lottery fundraising provides consistent income with weekly draws and direct debit subscriptions, guaranteeing long-term, sustainable support.

Predictable Income

Funds raised can be accurately predicted, so you know what will be raised, unlike inconsistent payments from wills or legacies.

All Administration Taken Care Of

We take care of everything including: managing player accounts and enquiries, managing payments, managing draws and free marketing support.

Unlimited Income

There is no limit on the amount of money that you can raise: the more players, the more funds for your club.

Fundraising reach

Raising funds via a lottery is a great alternative to regular donor contributions with a strong appeal to the donors that are looking for an incentive to donate.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question about the lottery or need any help, you can contact us directly on 0115 888 1 222, Monday to Friday 9 to 4.30 or email help@sportsclublottery.com

Match all 6 numbers in order and you will win the weekly £25,000 jackpot! The jackpot isn’t shared doesn’t cost your club a penny if you win.
Match 5 out of 6 and win £250, match 4 and win £20, 3 wins £2.
Winning numbers are published on our website each week following the draw and cheques are sent via post automatically straight to the address you registered with us.
The draw takes place every Monday and is based on the results of the Weather Lottery, which is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission.

Between 37p and 50p goes straight to your club. The rest is divided into two parts to cover the prizes and to pay for the administration of the lottery itself.

Your club does. Every month they will be transferred the money they raised directly to the clubs bank accounts. From there, it can go towards paying for the clubs costs – be it kit, pitches, equipment or anything else the club needs.

It’s just £1 per week per entry. If you pay by Direct Debit, you will be charged £4.34 per entry per month as some months have 5 draws, with a first payment of £6.34 for the same reason.
If you are part of a club who would like to raise money, contact us with their details and we’d be happy to get them set up and raising money.
Prize Provision Services administer the lotteries of all the clubs involved. The company is licensed as an External Lottery Manger by the Gambling Commission. You can find out more details by contacting them directly on 0115 888 1 222.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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