Thetford Rugby Club launch a Sports Club Lottery to raise funds.

Sports Clubs Fundraising In 2021

After an extremely unpredictable year in 2020, we know that many clubs are struggling with fundraising. With sports clubs spending the majority of the year closed, events unable to take place, the entire non-profit sector has taken a huge hit in these previous 10 months. With Covid-19 still very much present moving forward in 2021, sports clubs are having to focus on other fundraising sources more than ever before. This is where Sports Club lotteries come in.

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How Can A Sports Club Lottery Help?

Sports Club lotteries create a new and exciting way to raise funds. In a nutshell, they incentivise giving to a sports club with weekly cash prizes, with 100% of all profits going directly into the club’s coffers. It’s a unique and simple way of raising funds, and potentially has the longevity to run along the club for as long as it’s active. A Sports Club Lottery has the potential sustainability of a monthly or annual membership. In addition; your fans are also supporting your club on a weekly basis by trying their luck on your club’s lottery.

How Do I Start My Own Lottery?

Just like any new fundraising method, starting your very own society lottery is an exciting time – Not only are you going to raise money for your club, but your fans get the chance to win too. But before starting your own lottery, it is important that you understand the steps involved. You can have your lottery up and running if your follow these four quick and simple steps:

1.Discuss The Lottery With Trustees, Board Members And Senior Management

This first step is important as it ensures that everyone involved is satisfied that a lottery is right for your club and will give their full support during the early days of the lottery.

2. Register or License Your Lottery

Small Society Lotteries need to be registered with their Local Authority, Large Society Lotteries must have a lottery licence from the Gambling Commission by law.

Most societies will need to register with their Local Authority, which costs approximately £40 for a new registration and are renewed for £20 annually. If you’re unsure, get in touch.

3.Decide Whether To Use An External Lottery Manager

If you and your team have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience, as well as being able to take on the workload of administering your lottery and operate it in line with the Gambling Act 2005, you can run the lottery yourself. But, if you’re looking for some expertise and all of the administration taken care of, you need an External Lottery Manager.

4. Promote Your Sports Club Lottery

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to launch and get some players – with a lifetime value of around £125 per person, it’s well worth the effort. Once you launch, you need to tell as many people as possible and then follow up with regular promotional activity. No two societies are the same, so we’ll work with you to devise a promotional plan which is suitable for your society.

How Much Money Can My Club Make With A Lottery?

Firstly it is important to remember that a society lottery offers a predictable income source. Unlike more sporadic fundraising methods such as wills or legacies, you’ll know the number of players subscribed to your lottery each week so you can easily forecast expected income on a longer-term basis.

The average player plays our society lotteries for 5-7 years, playing with an average of 1.3 lines. This means that from just one player playing your society lottery, you could receive over £200 from just that one player! We expect all of our societies to gain at least 50 players on their lottery, with many capable of signing up 100 or even 250 players. To help put these numbers in perspective, check out these figures below:

  • 50 players = 65 lines per week. 65 lines = £32.50 per week. £32.50 x 52 = £1,690 per annum!
  • 100 players = 130 lines per week. 130 lines = £65.00 per week. £65.00 x 52 = £3,380 per annum!
  • 250 players = 325 lines per week. 325 lines = £162.50 per week. £162.50 x 52 = £8,450 per annum!

Now consider the average 5-7 years that a player plays your lottery. This means if you sign up 100 players, your lottery could earn up to an impressive £23,660! And the best part is it’s all yours to spend however your society chooses.

The more people that play your lottery, the more money you will receive. So, the only thing you have to do is promote your lottery to your supporters! Remind them that all profits go to your society and of course remind them that they can win up to £25,000! If you would like any help with promoting your lottery then please get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help!

Want To Start Your Own Lottery?

If you think a lottery would benefit your club, register your club today. If you would like more information on Sports Club Lotteries and how they can help your club, please feel free to contact our team.

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