Promoting Your Sports Club Lottery With Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can be extremely beneficial for your lottery. While social media and promotion your website requires your supporters to visit certain pages to see them, direct marketing ensures that they will be able to see your promotion. The majority of direct marketing forms have little or no additional costs when you include them with your general marketing activity, making it one of the most effective tools in your arsenal.

Methods of Direct Marketing

In this article, we’re taking a quick look at three popular types of direct marketing; newsletters, emails and leaflets, which can give a real boost to your lottery profits.

As this may be the first time your supporters have heard of your lottery include as much of the basic information as you – Things like the cost to play, the fact that your club receives all of the profits and the jackpot of £25,000 are all major selling points for your supporters.

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Your mailing list is a great opportunity to further the reach of your lottery. Many supporters on your mailing list may not regularly check your website or social media, so it is important to send out emails regarding your lottery.

Make sure the email includes information on why they should join, how it helps the club, how much they can win, etc. It is important to personalise your emails as this makes it more likely that your customers will pay attention to your message. Including your customers’ name is extremely easy, especially through services such as MailChimp. Whilst writing your emails be sure to keep the content as clear and precise as possible to guarantee your supporters fully understand the message you are trying to get across.

Following Up

Following up on your initial emails plays a key part in any successful campaign, as this helps reinforce your message. As well as this, it also means you have the opportunity to reach those that may have missed the first email for any given reason. Be sure to test any email before going sending out to your supporters to ensure all links work, all images remain in the same place, etc. Remember, once an email has gone out there is nothing you can do to edit it, so double check everything!


The timing of an email campaign is an important element which  is often overlooked. Unfortunately there is no definitive answer so be sure to try various times and check your results to see which time and which day get the best response from your supporters. This may take longer in the beginning, however once you have discovered which time and which day work for your audience, you can ensure that all of your emails get the maximum response from your supporters!


People react to visual stimulation. For this reason make sure to include imagery in your emails. Similarly to your social media, be sure to only use high quality images with no stretching or pixelation. Your email should also include an easy to find link to the sign up page to make it as simple as possible for your supporters to join. The easier the process, the more likely they are to sign up.

An example of a promotional email


Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep a chain of communication between you and your supporters. They also offer the opportunity for your supporters to keep informed. If your club sends out newsletters, be sure to utilise the opportunity to promote your Sports Club Lottery in it. Whether you choose to run a segment on the lottery in your newsletter or simply use a small advert is entirely up to you. Be sure to mention all of the key elements of your Sports Club Lottery; £25,000 jackpot, just £1 a week cost and all of the profits go directly to your club.


Whilst creating your newsletter be sure that the design is in line with your branding across all other channels, this helps show the supporters that you consider your newsletter important and therefore so should they. Make sure that you have your supporters in mind when creating the content for the newsletter, if the content isn’t relevant then they will have no reason to read. Many people are subjected to several newsletters, this means that they may not always give all of them their full attention. With this in mind, make your text as easy to digest as possible. Consider starting sections with a small summary, with the full content below or a link to it.


Remember, imagery grabs people’s attention. Placing imagery in your newsletter is a good way to keep the reader engaged, as well as drawing their eye to certain pieces of content. When promoting your lottery within your newsletter be sure to include a relevant image alongside the promotional content.

As the newsletter is your own there is no cost to include information on your lottery, with the opportunity to gain a significant increase within your fundraising.


Leaflets give you the opportunity to directly promote your lottery to your supporters. They are a convenient way of targeting those supporters your other promotional tactics may have missed. They are a very good tool when promoting your lottery in face to face scenarios, such as fundraisers, door to door, on the counter at your local branch, etc. When speaking face to face with your supporters about your lottery there is a whole host of reasons why they might not end up joining. Things like simply forgetting by the time go home, forgetting a phone number to call, they may not have access to a computer, etc. Having a leaflet to give to your supporters helps reinforce the message. They can go home, see the leaflet and then remember to join online, they have all of the necessary contact details to get in touch and sign up or request more information and finally, they can use the form found on the leaflet to join.

Not only do leaflets help encourage one supporter but it can lead to a knock on effect as well. A supporter may know of friends that would like to join the lottery and can pass the leaflet on to them to encourage them to sign up. If this were to happen every time you would see double the number of new players joining your lottery, which would mean twice as much money to go to your good cause!

How To Get Leaflets

Here at PPS we design and provide leaflets free of charge for our clubs to help generate new players. These leaflets can then be handed out at events, included in newsletters or, if you have your supporters’ addresses, can be sent out directly to your supporters. All of our leaflets include a form to complete and send to our Freepost address if they prefer to do so.

If you would like some leaflets for your club, get in touch with our team and we will help you as soon as possible!

An example of a promotional leaflet

If you would like any help regarding the promotion of your lottery through direct marketing be sure to get in touch with our team. We will be more than happy to help you and ensure that you are getting the most from your sports club lottery.

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