Promoting Your Sports Club Lottery On Your Website

For your Sports Club lottery to be a success it is important that you are promoting it on your website, as visibly as possible. There are several ways this can be done; banners on your pages (especially your home page), a page dedicated to the lottery itself and occasional articles regarding the lottery. These are all tried and tested methods to encourage your supporters to join your lottery.

Banner Advertising

Throughout your entire website you can include banners to promote your lottery. Within your admin centre you are able to find a range of banners to use across your site. Simply copy and paste the code for the banner that you think would look best on your website and insert the code. All of our banners are set up to update with each weeks’ draw result, so once you have inserted the code you don’t need to do anything more! The best place to put your banner is on your home page, as it will most likely receive the most traffic on your site. To emphasise the importance of your lottery you can include the banners across all pages on your site. The lottery banners are not only a great way to encourage players to join your lottery, but they encourage your supporters to return your page to check the lottery results.

An example of a website banner

Dedicated Page About Your Lottery

Making sure that your lottery has it’s own page on your website is extremely important, as it is a chance to give your supporters more information about the lottery. Be sure to include information on how the lottery works, how the lottery helps your club, how much they can win from the lottery, how to sign up, etc. This page should include one of the banners from the admin centre with the most recent results and a link to the lottery sign up page. The link to the sign up page should be clear and obvious to ensure your supporters are easily able to find your sign up page.

An example of a dedicated lottery page on a website


If your website has a blog or news section, be sure to post regularly about your lottery. Entice new players and encourage existing players to continue by letting them know how your organisation is using lottery funds. Recently hit a milestone of over 500 players? Let your supporters know! Updates like these also provide a great opportunity to highlight the vital support your players provide with their ongoing entries.

An example of a article promoting a lottery

If you would like any help regarding the promotion of your lottery through direct marketing be sure to get in touch with our team. We will be more than happy to help you and ensure that you are getting the most from your Sports Club Lottery.

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