Promoting Your Lottery Through Paid Advertising

The best format of paid advertising to promote your lottery is Facebook, closely followed by Google Ads, which we’ll look at in this article.

The Basics of How it Works

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Generally speaking, Google Ads are a Pay Per Click (“PPC” for short) which means you only pay for adverts that are clicked on. In the early days of your campaign, Google will be figuring out how your adverts perform, so the Cost Per Click usually decreases over time if you are targeting a well defined audience, have put together a good quality advert, which is triggered by a relevant Search Term, takes you to a good Landing Page (where the advert links to). There are other factors that count, but these are the most important.

Setting Up Your Campaign

Without going into lots of detail, there are some fundamental items which you need to get right.


When setting up these advertising campaigns, remember to limit your campaign to a suitable audience by taking into consideration things such as age and location. If you’ve not used Google Ads before, check out your Facebook insights page to get a better idea of how to filter the audience of these adverts. Here, you will find the age range, location, sex and several other pieces of useful demographic information which give a broad outline of the target audience you should look for.

If you’ve got nothing to work with, players tend to be 40+ and must live in Great Britain, but we suggest within 10 miles of your location on local branches – this would be a good starting point.

Search Terms and Keywords

Search Terms aka Keywords are the words which people type in Google’s Search bar. Here, you’re choosing the words which will cause your advert to show.

You can use single words, which will show to lots of people, but won’t be that relevant to them, or lots of words, which will be much more relevant, but get much fewer views. For example, if your club was a Cricket Club in Derby, having “Cricket” as a search term would show to anybody looking for any cricket related items, whereas “Cricket Club in Derby” would show to much fewer people, but be much more relevant.

A good set of keywords might be:

  • Derby Cricket Club
  • Support Cricket Club (remember, your location settings will assist)
  • Cricket Club lottery
  • Local Cricket Club

We also recommend using your actual club name, if you’re not using it elsewhere. And if you are using it elsewhere, remember to add ‘Lottery’ as an extension, to link through to your lottery from that advert.

An example of the keyword ideas page in Google ads. The information given regarding keywords can help you decide which keywords to use in your campaign.

Negative Keywords

It is also extremely important to set up negative keywords as this prevents your advert showing to an audience who aren’t interested.

To give an example, if a person wanted a jumper with a donkey on it, they’re not looking for your sanctuary and won’t play your lottery, so add “Donkey Jumper” to your Negative Keyword list so that you’re adverts aren’t showing to people who have no interest.


Set a suitable budget which you’re comfortable with, so that you don’t end up wasting money if your audience, Search Terms and Keywords don’t convert. It’s a good way to prevent spending your whole budget before you get it right.

Ad Copy

Once you’re happy your adverts will show to the right people, it’s time to write some adverts. The adverts should be clear in subject, relevant to the users search and link to a page about the lottery.

For example:

  • HEADLINE: “Your Club Name” Lottery, Win £25,000!
  • Link:
  • DESCRIPTION: “Your Club Name” Lottery helps us raise money to support and improve the club. Play for just £1 and you could win £25,000!

If you would like any help setting up your Google advert campaign, get in touch and we will be sure to help!

If you would like any help regarding the promotion of your lottery through direct marketing be sure to get in touch with our team. We will be more than happy to help you and ensure that you are getting the most from your sports club lottery.

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