How to Make Money for Sports Clubs

Running or managing your own sports club may be a dream for many people, but like most things in life; it costs money to upkeep. There’s fees, costs, overheads, ground rentals, development and staff costs that just keep on mounting up.  It’s because of these rising costs that people are always looking to make more money for sports clubs.

Larger sports clubs will of course have bigger overheads, but there likely to have income streams from spectators, game tickets, on-site catering and sponsorship. But what about the small-to-medium sized clubs that don’t have these revenue outlets? What many sports clubs are now doing is launching their very own lottery, to make money to go towards their upkeep and development.

What are Sports Club Lotteries

Sports Club Lotteries are an innovative yet tried-and-tested method to raise all-important funding for your sports club. Usually there’s seasonal and sometimes sporadic profits being made for a club through usual avenues – match tickets, donations, merchandise. However a lottery will make money for sports clubs all-year round from the sale of lottery entries to their supporter base.

With profits raised from a lottery, the sports club is then able to use the funds directly for the development of the club. New grounds, equipment, kit and apparatus soon become viable targets when there’s uncapped and regular income from your own lottery!

womens ice hockey team. make money with a sports club lottery

How to Start a Lottery

Starting a lottery may be a daunting thought. There’s the prize money to worry about, the draw itself, and organising the responsibilities. Then there’s the regulations by the Gambling Commission, as well as licenses and data protection protocol you’d have to follow. This is why sports clubs and societies use external lottery managers, who take all the hard work out of having a lottery!

External lottery administrators like Prize Provision Services can create a lottery for you. They also provide marketing materials and even 100% of the cash prizes! Prize Provision Services take care of the admin and details of all your lottery players. This gives you the free time to promote your lottery, run your sports club, and raise important funds to keep it going!

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