Introducing The Links Gymnastics Lottery

We have recently had Links Gymnastics start their lottery fundraising journey with Sports Club Lottery. Our team can’t wait to work with the club and help them reach their fundraising goals! We spoke with Anna, to learn a little more about Links Gymnastics and what they do.

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Please tell us about Links Gymnastics

Links Gymnastics Ltd is a NPO dedicated to encouraging children of all ages to participate in the wonderful sport of gymnastics. As a NPO, Links GC re-invests back into the club for the benefit of our members and local community. We do this across our venues in Windsor, Ascot and Old Windsor

The club was founded with the desire to encourage children of all ages and abilities to develop habits and activities that will lead to a healthier, happier existence through fun and fitness by participating in gymnastics.

Links Gymnastics is dedicated to introducing your children to the wonderful world of movement, creating a positive attitude towards physical activity and encouraging social, intellectual and physical development within a fun, safe and exciting environment.

Where do you see the future of the club?

Links Gymnastics is continuing to expand the types of classes we can offer including Ten to Teen Tumble & Pre-School Gymnastics.

We are looking to build and open its first purpose built facility at the Windsor Leisure Centre in 2021. An exciting and wonderful project that will directly benefit the members of the club but also the surrounding community.

How will Links Gymnastics’ lottery help the club?

Our Sports Club Lottery will be essential in providing a sustainable income for Links Gymnastics and supporting grass root gymnastics in the community.

What are your fundraising goals?

We are hoping our fundraising will go towards new equipment, team training and the project to build a purpose built facility.

For more information on Links Gymnastics, check out their website and see all the great work they do. You can support them by joining their lottery from just £1, signing up is quick and easy with all profits going to the club!

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