How to Raise Funds for Your Team

Knowing how to raise funds for your team is a often a tough gig. You may have a large pool of players to supply kits, equipment and training too. But with a very small or limited budget this can be an impossible task. This is why many managers, coaches and chairpersons of sports teams are looking for new and reliable ways to raise funds their teams. Large sports teams can often rely on match day tickets, programmes, merchandise, catering and sponsorships to generate funding. But what about the small teams that play on an open field, in a council-owned venue to a very small number of spectators? Where’s the money going to come from?! This is why many team are discovering and introducing this innovative way to raise funds: the sports club lottery.

What are Sports Club Lotteries?

Sports Club Lotteries are a fairly new, yet reliable means to raise all-important funding for a sports club. Literally hundreds of teams across the nation are already reaping the benefits from having their very own lottery.  With the funds raised from their lotteries the sports clubs can develop heir teams, grounds, equipment and more! It’s not a difficult endeavour either. Most sports clubs will use an external lottery manager, like Prize Provision Services, to manage the lottery for them.

How to Raise Funds for Your Team

How to Start a Sports Club Lottery

Due to a lottery being a form of gambling, which is quite rightly heavily regulated, not just anyone can start a lottery and start selling tickets. Registration is needed, as well as compliance with the Gambling Commission. For the often busy team manager, adding more tasks and stress to their job is never welcomed, which is why external lottery managers take all the stress out of it!

When Prize Provision Services launch and manage a lottery, they provide all the administration support, the marketing materials and 100% of the prize money! If a player of a sports club lottery wins the £25,000 weekly jackpot, PPS pay the winner, not the sports club, so there’s no worry of the club losing money.  This is not all though, as the sports club receives 100% of the profits from their lottery. This is why hundreds of clubs are now generating income with their own lotteries. It’s regular, uncapped and reliable fundraising.

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