Sports Club Lottery Fundraising Tips.

You may have seen first-hand the reliability and potential profits from sports club lottery fundraising. Or you’re wanting to wanting some advice on how to kick-start your lottery and maximise your profits. We’re here to help you fulfill your potential with some fundraising tips.

As an external lottery manager we’re here to help you boost your profits. We help you raise funds and take care of the behind-the-scenes admin that many people may find daunting. There are literally hundreds of clubs that are enjoying having their own lotteries. These are boasting increased profits week-on-week thanks to running a sports club lottery. What makes the difference is how they market it, and how they engage their supporters.

What are these Sports Clubs Doing Right?

The fundamental difference between successful lotteries and ones with unfulfilled potential, is their direct-to-supporter engagement. Successful sports club lotteries regularly promote their lotteries, and keep them at the forefront of their marketing and online presence. They talk about them passionately, promote them digitally and regularly host promotional and presentation evenings, as they’re a great way to sell their lottery face-to-face.

Feedback suggests that direct face-to-face dialogue is by the far the best way to create new lottery players for your sports club, as the familiarity of the club, and the passion of the supporters is the key to a successful lottery.

Making your sports club lottery a main focus of your club, as well has having it engrained in your fundraising culture; is the sure-fire way to creating a winning lottery. This way it is enjoyed by both your supporters, as well as your fundraisers. Once a sports club has launched their own lottery; they can easily see the benefits for themselves, as 100% of the weekly profits flow directly to the sports club.

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