A fresh approach to sports club fundraising

Do you want to find out how to raise money for your team? Looking for easy fundraising ideas for sports clubs? Need an exciting new approach to how you raise money?… Whatever your fundraising goals are we want to help you reach them today!

Begin the journey into your very own lottery…

Fundraising is often the unsung hero of any sports organisation, but fundraising for your team isn’t always easy, and finding out how to raise money for your society can be a repetitive and time-consuming task. Without it so many brilliant clubs often disappear and have to return to the side lines. This is why finding a way to generate that extra income is so important when it comes to buying new equipment, maintaining your facilities or even just paying your players!

There are some fantastic ways to raise money out there, but are you finding yourself sifting through a sea of new fundraising ideas? Or bored by the same old fundraising tips that just won’t get your team motivated and involved? A fundraising lottery is a simple solution and an easy way to raise money and generate a consistent and reliable monthly income for your society, whilst giving it’s players the added incentive of winning cash prizes of up to £25,000 each week!… not bad, hey?

We all know that one of the hardest challenges that any sports club faces is raising funds. In this day and age keeping your players and your fans engaged is so important, and when it comes to having that regular flow of income their support is vital. There are some great fundraising tips out there, but do any of them give you the chance to offer them an exciting and rewarding contest AND have a reliable monthly income?! This is why having the added bonus of not only supporting their local team, but the incentive of winning cash prizes of up to £25,000 every week really pays off.

Helping You AND Your Supporters

We really want to help your club succeed in building enticing and long lasting relationships with your supporters, and raise the funds to make your fundraising goals possible. This is why a unique, risk-free, fully provisioned lottery is the perfect solution for you! It only costs £1 a week for your members to play, and 50% of the money generated is yours to keep each month!

With no risk, and no sign-up fees we take all of the time, hassle and stress involved in running and maintaining a new fundraising campaign off your hands by providing a fully managed service, all you need to do is promote it to your members and get them playing! There are no hidden costs in registering with our lottery and you can start seeing the benefits of an extra source of income generated from day one!

So sit back, relax and let us take care of you and your supporters!

If you would like to get in contact and find out more please send us an email to info@sportsclublottery.com or get in touch HERE