Fundraising Ideas for Sports Clubs

With ever-increasing costs and all-round budget constraints; owners and supporters and always looking for fundraising ideas for sports clubs and societies to boost their profits. One simple and viable solution to not only increase your bottom line but to also reward your supporters’ generosity and loyalty – is with your own Sports Club Lottery.

How do Sports Club Lotteries work?

Sports Club Lotteries are a proven tool to secure regular and unrestricted income for your club. They work by earning money from lottery ticket sales, whilst awarding cash prizes to winning players. Your club members and supporters are encouraged to sign-up to purchase any number of weekly £1 lottery lines, for a lottery draw with a £25,000 jackpot prize.

With a weekly jackpot of £25,000 club members and supporters are not only helping their sports club raise all-important funds; they’re playing for cash prizes of up to £25k. The best things is, the benefits are endless because all the profits from the lottery ticket sales go directly to the sports club.

The Growing Appeal of Sports Club Lottery Fundraising

With sports club lotteries you’re incentivising a weekly subscription with a substantial cash prize, rather than relying on the simple donations to your sports club.

Fundamentally the more people your club reaches out to; the more money your sports club will earn. It could make all the difference to your sports club’s ground rent costs, the purchasing of new equipment, staff budgets, or even ground expansion or relocation.

fundraising ideas for sports clubs

Who’s on-board with Sports Club Lotteries?

So far there are hundreds of societies already reaping the benefits of this tried-and-tested fundraising method, and the number is constantly growing. From football and rugby clubs, to golf, cricket and tennis clubs; they’re seeing a wealth of new members, and most importantly – increased profits.

So far millions of pounds have been raised for sports clubs throughout the nation, and the generosity of the Sports Club Lottery players has been rewarded with cash prizes.

If you’ve been looking for fundraising ideas for sports clubs and want to increase profits as well as reward your supporters; visit the Sports Club Lottery website Or call us on 01158881222 for information on how to easily set one up, and quickly watch your sports club’s funding grow.

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