For Fundraising Ideas, a Sports Club Lottery is the Answer

Are you part of a sports club that’s looking for fundraising ideas? You’re in the right place, so read on. There are many factors as to why a person would donate to a cause. It could be close to their heart, their home, or it carries a sentimental value. One thing that unites people, evokes passion, loyalty and pride; is sport.

The attachment to a sports team is something that lasts a lifetime, can sometimes make or break a relationship and is passed down from generation to generation. Tapping into this loyalty and lifetime bond is essential for all sports clubs, both big and small, as without it’s fans, supports and members – sports clubs would fade away into obscurity.

Turning Supporters into Lottery Players

Utilising a sports club’s members is key to maximising profits for a sports club. Sport is big business and overheads and bills are always looming, no matter what size the club is.  What sports clubs usually rely on for income is match day ticket sales, season tickets, memberships, advertising and merchandise. But what happens when the season is over? The match is called off? Or the team’s performance is waning?

These are all factors which can be detrimental to a club’s survival. What many clubs are now doing when searching for fundraising ideas– is launching their very own Sports Club Lottery.

boy playing football. sports club lottery

How Sports Club Lotteries Raise Funds

When a sports club starts their own lottery they could immediately see an influx of lottery players from their most loyal and passionate supporters.  As all profits from lottery ticket sales go directly to the club; lottery players know they’re actions are directly improving the club they love. What the sports clubs are fundamentally doing is rewarding the loyalty of their lottery players by offering a £25,000 weekly cash prize incentive. The jackpot prize is paid by an external lottery manager, so there’s no risk of the club paying out any of the cash prizes themselves.

It’s so simple, and so effective. If you’d like to start a Sports Club Lottery for your club. Give us a call today…

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