Start a Football Club Lottery

Finding funds to develop a football team is an uphill struggle. This is why many teams have now launched their very own football club lottery. Unless your club is owned by a media mogul, Russian billionaire or Middle Eastern consortium, football is an expensive business. There’s player and staff wages, stadium maintenance, rent and improvements, promotional materials, merchandise costs and advertising, and that’s just a few basic examples.

If most of these costs are covered by home game gate receipts, you’re one of the lucky clubs. But what if you’re a smaller club, or not at professional level, where income is sporadic? This is where a football club lottery comes into your fundraising strategy.

What is a Football Club Lottery?

A football club lottery is a great way to to raise funds, by encouraging your fans, supporters, staff and followers to join a subscription-based lottery. Not only does the club receive uncapped regular funds, but for the lottery players, there’s the incentive of a £25,000 weekly jackpot! These lotteries are administered by external lottery managers, such as Prize Provision Services, who are fully licensed by the Gambling Commission. They’re regulated, reliable and fully-approved to manage lotteries throughout Great Britain. They currently administer over 600 individual lotteries! From small, junior football teams, to professional top-tier teams, Prize Provision Services helps them raise funds with their very own lottery.

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How does a Football Club Lottery Work?

So, how do they work? It’s very simple, and the external lottery manager, Prize Provision Services, does all the hard work for the football clubs. What these successful, fundraising clubs do, is launch a Sports Club Lottery. The lottery is £1 per week to play, for one line of lucky numbers, and players can purchase as many lines as they want.

A percentage of the proceeds goes directly to the club as profit, and then a percentage goes to the administration costs, and prizes. The draw takes place every Monday, and is administered by the external lottery manger, which is in full compliance with the Gambling Commission. There’s a number of prizes, and there’s several winners each week, then the external lottery manger personally sends out the winner’s cheques straight to the lucky winners, all coming from their own pocket. So don’t worry if you’re managing a local junior team with a small budget, 100% of the prizes are paid out by the lottery manager.

The club then receives their lottery profits every month directly from the external lottery manager. The football club doesn’t have to do anything, apart from sign-up as many lottery players as they can! If you’d like to find out more, or launch a football club lottery for your team, get in contact with Prize Provision Services today! Send us an email at or pickup the phone and call – 0115 888 1222.

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