Football Club Lottery Funding

Football club owners and board members are constantly thinking about ways to raise money for their club. It’s no secret that rising costs can affect all clubs no matter their size.

Many teams are introducing their very own Sports Club Lottery as a means to raise funds. These work by using an external lottery manager to help administer a lottery for the club, who integrate the lottery into the club’s public profile seamlessly.

How do Football Club Lotteries Work?

If you are a small to medium sized football club – the fans and supporters of your team are the heart and soul of the club. It’s their loyalty and generosity that keep your team going. A great way to incentivise their continued support of the club is to offer them a chance to win a £25,000 jackpot prize. So not only are they supporting your club from their pocket, they’re also playing for a large cash jackpot.

As well as the revenue streams from match-day tickets, merchandise, and fund-raisers a lottery is an innovative way to maintain a sustainable income all year round. A lottery runs 12 months of the year, not just during the season.

Many small clubs who have had trouble receiving lottery grants have been successful with their own sports club lotteries and are now reaping the benefits. Raising all-important funding could help provide your club with new equipment, coaching staff, ground improvements, merchandise, and marketing materials.

How to Start a Football Club Lottery

Starting your own Sports Club Lottery couldn’t be easier. By joining the Sports Club Lottery we take care of the administration work so you can focus fully on promoting your lottery. We provide marketing materials and support throughout your fund-raising journey. All you have to do is encourage your loyal members and supporters to join up. It costs just £1 to play and with a £25,000 weekly jackpot it’s easy to see the appeal. Get started with raising all-important funds for your club, or contact us today on 0115 888 1222.