Develop your Club with Lottery Funding

The majority of sports clubs across the nation do not have the financial backing of billionaires, tycoons and consortiums like the teams at the very pinnacle of their sport. What this means is acquiring funds is a much bigger challenge. Ticket sales, merchandise and donations are always a staple source of income for sports clubs. However these revenue flows can sometimes be inconsistent and fall short of their targets. What many ambitious and pro-active clubs do; is initiate methods of sports club fundraising. There is of course applying for national lottery funding, but what if the club is too small?  One of the most profitable as well as sustainable methods of fundraising; is the Sports Club Lottery.

What are Sports Club Lotteries?

A sports club lottery is a great way of encouraging members and supporters to donate to your sports club, whilst offering them a cash prize incentive. Lottery players opt-in to buy a weekly number of lottery lines, which are then used in a weekly draw. There’s cash prizes up for grabs, from £2 right up to the weekly £25,000 jackpot. As the lottery runs all year round, this guarantees a steady income to your sports club, for as long as your ports club supporters are playing it.

How do Sports Club Lotteries Work?

Sports Club Lotteries are administered by an external lottery manager, who handle the running of the lottery, the draw, the payments and legal procedures. This takes the difficult work out of the hands of the sports club. Who then only have to worry about running their club, and encouraging their supporters, staff and members to play their lottery.

What’s becomes evident is that sports clubs that have their own lottery have much more of a consistent and increasing revenue stream than ones that fail to utilise this fundraising method. During a sports club’s down-time, they can still see a regular income from lottery ticket sales, even when their season is over.

To find out more, contact the Sports Club Lottery and find out how your sports club can get involved Visit the Sports Club Lottery website Or call us on 01158881222 for information on how to easily set one up, and quickly watch your sports club’s funding grow.

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