Sport Club Fundraising

Sport Club Fundraising

Raise money for your Sports Club with Sports Club Lottery. It’s easy to do and open to all clubs. Find out more here.

Society Lotteries Raise Over £300m


Society Lotteries Raise Over £300m Society lotteries raised £332m for good causes last year, according to recently published figures by the Gambling Commission. This was an increase of 11 per cent or £32.95m on the previous year. The Gambling Commission recently published statistics relating to the period between April 2018 and March 2019,

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Government announces £12m more towards youth projects


It has recently been announced that the government will provide an additional £12m towards youth projects as part of its “commitment to young people”. The funding includes up to £7m towards the Youth Accelerator Fund and £5m for the #iwill Fund. The funding boost is additional to the £500m Youth Investment Fund, which was

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How To Make Money for Sports Clubs


How to Make Money for Sports Clubs Running or managing your own sports club may be a dream for many people, but like most things in life; it costs money to upkeep. There's fees, costs, overheads, ground rentals, development and staff costs that just keep on mounting up.  It's because of these rising

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How to Maximise Your Lottery Fundraising.


Sports Club Lottery Fundraising Tips. You may have seen first-hand the reliability and potential profits from sports club lottery fundraising. Or you’re wanting to wanting some advice on how to kick-start your lottery and maximise your profits. We’re here to help you fulfill your potential with some fundraising tips. As an external lottery

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Develop your Club with Lottery Funding


Develop your Club with Lottery Funding The majority of sports clubs across the nation do not have the financial backing of billionaires, tycoons and consortiums like the teams at the very pinnacle of their sport. What this means is acquiring funds is a much bigger challenge. Ticket sales, merchandise and donations are always

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Nottinghamshire FA Partnership


Nottinghamshire FA / Sports Club Lottery Press Release Sports Club Lottery is delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with the Nottinghamshire FA. The partnership will enable clubs across the region to raise money directly from a lottery. Sports Club Lottery already helps hundreds of sports clubs and organisations across the country to

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For Fundraising Ideas, a Sports Club Lottery is the Answer


For Fundraising Ideas, a Sports Club Lottery is the Answer Are you part of a sports club that's looking for fundraising ideas? You're in the right place, so read on. There are many factors as to why a person would donate to a cause. It could be close to their heart, their home,

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How to Raise Money for a Sports Club


Fundraising Ideas for Sports Clubs With ever-increasing costs and all-round budget constraints; owners and supporters and always looking for fundraising ideas for sports clubs and societies to boost their profits. One simple and viable solution to not only increase your bottom line but to also reward your supporters’ generosity and loyalty –

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Football Club Lottery Fundraising


Football Club Lottery Funding Football club owners and board members are constantly thinking about ways to raise money for their club. It’s no secret that rising costs can affect all clubs no matter their size. Many teams are introducing their very own Sports Club Lottery as a means to raise funds. These work by using an external lottery manager to help administer a lottery for

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