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How to Raise Money for a Sports Club


Fundraising Ideas for Sports Clubs With ever-increasing costs and all-round budget constraints; owners and supporters and always looking for fundraising ideas for sports clubs and societies to boost their profits. One simple and viable solution to not only increase your bottom line but to also reward your supporters’ generosity and loyalty –

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Football Club Lottery Fundraising


Football Club Lottery Funding Football club owners and board members are constantly thinking about ways to raise money for their club. It’s no secret that rising costs can affect all clubs no matter their size. Many teams are introducing their very own Sports Club Lottery as a means to raise funds. These work by using an external lottery manager to help administer a lottery for

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Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy will help you to understand what information we collect, how we protect it, use it, and what choices you have about your personal data. The information contained on this page is intended for people who play the one of the lotteries we administer. If you are a

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Sports Club Lottery Service Notices


Please check this page for service notices   18 May 2018 - Privacy Policy updated in line with EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) which comes into effect on 25th May 2018, under the supervision of the ICO within the UK. Click here to read them in full. 13 October 2017 - Terms and

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Sports Club Lottery Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions   Last updated January 23rd, 2019 1 Definitions 1.1. “Terms and Conditions” – The terms and conditions written in the clauses of this document 1.2. “Act” – The Gambling Act 2005 1.3. “Lottery” – The Sports Club Lottery 1.4. “Society Lottery” – A Lottery run

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Responsible Gambling


We have a responsibility to ensure playing is fun. We take this seriously. We make every effort to behave in a socially responsible manner. It is illegal for anyone under 16 to play and we have measures in place to ensure we do everything in our power to control

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Self Exclusion


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