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Support a Local Sports Club and You Could Win £25,000


Join A Club Lottery

Sports Club Lottery is designed to help amateur sports clubs across the country raise the money they need to participate and support their teams at all levels.

It takes a lot to run an amateur sports club these days with most relying on volunteers and subs. By choosing a team and joining their lottery, you are helping them directly. The money raised could be used to pay for pitches on match day, petrol money to get to an event, new kit and equipment or even just the half-time oranges.


You could win £25,000 in our weekly draw! It’s not shared and no matter how much is won, each club is guaranteed 50% of the total ticket sales from their lottery.

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“Support us and help us pay for our training facilities.”

Jamie Baker, Sheffield Volleyball Club

 Sports Club Lottery is an easy, hassle-free way of raising money to support the day to day running of our football club, whilst also supporting our long-term goal of raising enough money for our own ground to be used by our local community.

Sean Stinchcombe, Iron Acton Football Club

“Join our lottery and help us buy training equipment for all the children’s teams.”

James Lorem, Bristol Mini Rugby

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Every amateur sports club can join the Sports Club Lottery and raise money with a lottery of their own. If you run a club and would like to find out more, get in touch.

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